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Qualifications are currently managed by educational and training institutions, resulting in delayed verification processes by recruitment agencies and human resources, the statement said. Record-keeping and identity verification are applications of blockchain technology that could be applied to public administration. Earlier this year, U.S. lawmakers called on President Trump’s administration to consider using blockchain technology to upgrade health care and supply registries, and to use the technology to speed up verifying identities of individuals due to receive government benefits.   Subscribe to Crypto Long & Short , our weekly newsletter on investing. By signing up, you will receive emails about CoinDesk products and you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policy . “Diploma and certificate management is an issue that needs to be resolved by technology, which is significant for the whole of society and also cost-efficient for the diploma management system in particular, and education in general,” Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Van Phuc said in a press statement. The archive initiative is Vietnam’s largest exploration of blockchain technology to date and marks the first instance of a public blockchain being adopted at the national level by a major government, the announcement said. A number of countries and educational institutions have tested blockchain-based registries to keep student records. In 2017, Malta’s Ministry of Education struck a deal with a blockchain startup to track student credentials and academic records on a blockchain. The same year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) issued 100 diplomas on a blockchain as part of a pilot program.  Read more: useful link Sony, Fujitsu Aim to Make Educational Data ‘Unfalsifiable’ With Blockchain Headquartered in Singapore, TomoChain has additional offices in Vietnam and Japan. It has its own crypto exchange, TomoDEX , powered by a layer-one protocol TomoX , which launched earlier this year.   In September 2020, TomoChain acquired Lition , a German firm that provides public and private blockchain solutions with deletable data features. [Production]